Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Business as usual at Water Authority

Nick "Frankenstein" Langworthy's future sister in law and the brother of County Executive Mark Poloncarz are the latest no show jobs created at the Erie County Water Authority. Will it ever end? If these Authorities were a business, they would have failed a long time ago. Despite dire economic times, the political lowlifes continue to find employment for their incompetent relatives. Before being handed his new $55,000/yr job, Poloncarz' brother was a chef at Wegmans. Who knew this lowly sub maker possessed such important leadership skills?.

This clip is filled with various liars. Among them is John O'Donnell, who comes from a long line of scammers. Political corruption has been good to this Steve Pigeon protege, but not to his waistline. These days, O'Donnell appears to have more chins than a Chinese phone book...

Another Hire With Political Ties at Erie County Water Authority |

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