Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brian Higgins buys Senate seat for his blow-up doll

Tim Kennedy on YNN's Capital Tonight showing viewers the approximate size of his...err...budget.

If Betty Jean Grant somehow pulls off a miracle, I'd like to take small credit for educating my South Buffalo neighbors on Tim Kennedy. You didn't think Keith Radford would, did you? Even if he pulls off this race, he's on borrowed time. Kennedy's a Chuck Swanick waiting to happen, minus the Bill Cosbylike sweaters. 

One thing you don't hear the mainstream media talking about: Everyone knows Betty Jean Grant did a great job of getting out her base (translation-black people). But, for the race to be this close, many Crackers must have also voted for Grant. In other words, Little Timmy has burned a lot of bridges.

If he does win, it's a pretty fair assumption to say Kennedy bought the race. Look at these figures, and keep in mind, most of this money comes from New York City interests. The people around here who voted for Kennedy should be ashamed of themselves for being so dumb...

The closeness of that race and the outcomes of other races raise questions about the significance of money, endorsements and grass-roots support in party primaries.

Grant spent about $20,000, she said, while Kennedy's campaign finance filings show he has spent more than $400,000 since January. Kennedy also had endorsements from the Erie County Democratic Committee.


  1. Good for you, Mike!!!! I checked the board of elections website, TK spent $499,510 in the campaign as of the "11-Day Pre-Primary Report" so that will go up a lot, probably to $550,000 or so. Whatever happens, he is done next time. Someone will insert a Polish-American next time to take votes from TK in Cheektowaga, Sloan and Kaisertown. With that, any known African-American will easily win. Even if TK spends a billion next time, he most-likely will finish last in that scenario, so you did good. I could see Betty Jean Grant winning anyway, but if not, TK is damaged goods.

  2. You see, TK needed to spend all that money to scare off any Polish-American from Ckeektowaga from running next time. His consultant felt that TK would spend the $$$$ and beat Grant by 70 - 30, thus scaring anyone from thinking ethnic politics could get TK next time. Obviously that backfired. TK should fire his consultant, whoever that is. Hint: Jack O'Donnell!!!!