Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Duck! Here comes the race card

Nobody wanted to see Tim "Hortons" Kennedy lose more than I did. However, the absentee votes have been counted and his slim lead has grown a little wider. But, not so fast. When all else fails, there's always the race card! Supporters of Betty Jean "the Professor" Grant will be holding a rally outside the Board of Elections tomorrow to protest a white candidate receiving more votes than a black candidate. From the Buffalo News...

Grant also was bothered by the number of people who she said wanted to vote in the primary but weren't made aware they needed to be a registered Democrat.

Grant said she would attend a rally called for 5 p.m. Wednesday outside the Board of Elections, 134 W. Eagle St. A flyer being distributed said the balloting was "an attempt to steal yet another election by voter suppression and disenfranchisement."

Grant supporters didn't know they had to be registered Democrats to vote in a Democratic primary? Seriously? Whose job is it to inform them of that? I suppose it's now the government's job to do that also. A better question: Whose buried in Grant's tomb? There is no voter suppression at play here.

Efforts to turn this election into a racial matter are shameful, albeit predictable. The election's over. The numbers have been counted. While half of South Buffalo and Cheektowaga can't stand Tim Kennedy and one can argue that the election was bought and paid for by New York City interests, you can't say a racial conspiracy was at play here. 

When Mickey "Study King" Kearns lost to Mayor Brown a few years back, nobody cried racism. When Tim Whalen's seat was removed from the County Legislature, South Buffalo residents didn't view is as an opportunity to protest. (In fact, a small parade was held to celebrate the event.) We were just thankful to have one less "representative" living off a public paycheck.

People are sick of the race card being played, whenever something doesn't go one's way. Give me a break. 


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