Sunday, September 2, 2012

Verel receives the support of WNY Auto Workers

South District Common Council candidate A.J. Verel recently received the endorsement of the United Auto Workers of WNY...

The United Auto Workers (UAW) Region 9 Western New York Community Action Program (CAP) Council announced their endorsement of A.J. Verel in his bid for the Buffalo Common Council South District seat. “I am excited and pleased to accept the endorsement of the UAW as South District Councilman I will work diligently to promote high quality unionized labor in this district”.

“Also, I hope to promote the unionized companies in the surrounding WNY areas who have many current and retired members who live within the South District” Verel stated. A.J Verel is a Graduate of South Park High School, has Degrees in Business and a Masters in Education.

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