Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vote for Verel today

 Today is Primary Day. If you're a registered Democrat, please get out and vote for A.J. Verel for South District Councilman.  Verel is the only candidate with a Masters degree. He is also a small business owner who has worked extensively in the private sector. When interviewed for the job, he refused to pledge allegiance to Mayor Brown, which is why he wasn't appointed.

He is running against Christopher Scanlon, the son of privilege, who was appointed to the job in exchange for his unwavering support of the lackluster empty suit, Brown.

Congratulations to Verel and the other two opponents for taking on the status quo and putting their reputations on the line.

Verel, Burke, and Lafferty supporters: Please remember Tim Kennedy has been an outspoken supporter of Christopher Scanlon. He's been promoting him all over South Buffalo. Kennedy represents the same useless clique that Scanlon is now a member of. He is not interested in change or working for the common man/woman. He "represents', and I use the term loosely, one small section of South Buffalo. If you go in and vote for Kennedy today, you might as well vote for Scanlon while you're in there. Please help spread the word. Your candidates are all independent Democrats and Kennedy is nothing more than a puppet.

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