Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gaughan viewed as a threat to the status quo

You know someone's in trouble when the governor sends in his henchmen to try and save their campaign. That's exactly what happened today to Sean Ryan, Sam Hoyt's handpicked replacement for NY state Assemblyman...

First, Lt. Gov. Robert J. Duffy traveled to Buffalo to bestow both his and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's endorsement on Ryan - a major development given the governor's soaring popularity in Erie County and New York State.

This endorsement was made necessary because attorney Kevin Gaughan threatens the ho-hum way of life for New York's career politicians. Gaughan's no Mickey Kearns. When he says he's going to Albany to rock the boat, he's actually serious about it...

But Gaughan commanded his own attention by calling for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to retire from the speaker's post after approving a financial settlement regarding sexual harassment allegations against Assemblyman Vito Lopez of Brooklyn.

Gaughan wants to cut lawmakers' pay and decrease the number of lawmakers in office, two things that everyone should be behind. He's spoken out against the use of taxpayer funded fliers (like the ones you've been receiving every day from Tim "Hortons" Kennedy. From Gaughan's Facebook page...

"Under no circumstances will I ever spend taxpayer funds to send out mass mailings, newsletters, or postcards."

"Taxpayer funded political newsletters are an appalling, discredited practice. And they must end. Western New York taxpayers simply can no longer foot the bill for Albany politicians spreading their name and photograph around town during a campaign or any other season."

Ryan's allegiance to Sam Hoyt is bad enough. Hoyt is widely regarded as the most incompetent politician this side of Tim Kennedy. Gaughan is serious about trying to make a difference in Albany. 

Gaughan characterized the endorsement as an example of Albany politicians closing ranks with each other.

"Everyone knows that I'm not popular with politicians as a result of my downsizing work," he said Monday night, "so it's not surprising that one politician would endorse another in this race."
The entrenched career politicians do not want him to succeed. That should be reason enough to support him this Thursday with your vote. 

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