Monday, September 10, 2012

$100 million crybaby

Like you, I had the misfortune of wasting a beautiful Fall afternoon watching the Bills debacle yesterday. They were thoroughly embarrassed on offense, defense, and special teams by the New York Jets 48-28 in a game that wasn't even that close.

I was shocked to hear Bills' Defensive End Mario Williams pin the loss on the replacement officials...

“Pass blocking doesn’t consist of illegal hands to the face just about every play, which, when somebody tells you that, and you’re five yards away from it, and you walk away like you don’t see him telling you you’re getting punched in the face every time, then that dictates somebody like myself having to take care of that on my own,” Williams said.

No wonder we're raising a generation of crybabies. I've noticed no difference in the officiating with the scabs. Williams got manhandled by a guy who will probably be working in construction next Fall and he's blaming the refs? Some fans had hoped Williams would be the next Bruce Smith, but he looked more like Bruce Hornsby on Sunday.

Every player on the field had to adapt to the way the game was called, not just Williams. $100 million dollars for one tackle and zero sacks. I heard earlier in the day it would cost $100 million dollars to tear down the Skyway, and Ralph is paying this guy the same amount to whine about officials in a game that was never close. What a waste of money and how embarrassing. When does hockey season start?
Bills' Williams rips replacement refs after loss

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