Saturday, September 22, 2012

Horton's pulling off major choke job


Quick! Does anybody know the Heimlich Maneuver?  In a district that is 65% white, Tim "Horton's" Kennedy is slowly losing ground in the recount process against Betty "the Professor" Grant. Multiple sources at the Erie County Board of Elections are telling us that most of the uncounted ballots hail from predominantly black neighborhoods. From the Buffalo News...

Though Grant trailed Kennedy by 91 votes at the last official count, sources at the Erie County Board of Elections say Grant is picking up significant support from affidavit votes - those registered by voters who, for example, may show up at the wrong polling place - stemming from her home turf in the inner city.

Board sources say they have ruled so far to this extent - Delaware: 23 affidavits received, eight ruled valid; Ellicott: 98 received, 42 valid; Fillmore: 85 received, 17 valid; Masten: 89 received, 41 valid; Niagara: 24 received, eight valid; North: 14 received, nine valid; South: 39 received, 15 valid; University: 54 received, 21 valid.

 The result has Kennedy's lawyers scrambling for any loophole they can find to suppress the minority vote. This is a desperate tactic from a desperate campaign. Voters had a feeling this was going to be a bizarre race, when they realized neither candidate had the ability to form complete sentences.

The last time someone choked this bad was Jim Keane back in 2008, when he started his victory dance before realizing Chris Collins had more supporters in South Buffalo than he did. If Betty Jean Grant somehow pulls ahead, Tim Kennedy's political career will go the way of the dinosaur. He has few allies left and most people can see right through him. Kennedy loves to lie about his "extensive" private sector background. We will be closely monitoring the situation to make sure that's exactly where Timmy ends up, should his campaign continue to implode. Any appointment by his Water Authority crony Jack O'Donnell will be met with great protest. The voters have spoken and they've had enough of Pigeon and his band of hangers on. Come on Betty Jean!

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