Monday, September 24, 2012

Tim Kennedy- Dead man walking

Tim "Hortons" Kennedy anxiously awaiting the results of this week's recount...
Nobody likes to see somebody get kicked when they're down. Except me, of course...

The Tim Kennedy debacle is another dent in Congressman Brian Higgins' armor. While I still think Higgins remains very popular, his popularity does not seem to transfer over to the Muppets he keeps championing.

Even should Hortons survive the recount process, many observers feel he is on borrowed time in Albany. The word has gotten out. He cannot be trusted and has made considerable enemies in the political arena. Consider this comment from an observer in the know...

I checked the board of elections website, TK spent $499,510 in the campaign as of the "11-Day Pre-Primary Report" so that will go up a lot, probably to $550,000 or so. Whatever happens, he is done next time. Someone will insert a Polish-American next time to take votes from TK in Cheektowaga, Sloan and Kaisertown. With that, any known African-American will easily win. Even if TK spends a billion next time, he most-likely will finish last in that scenario. I could see Betty Jean Grant winning anyway, but if not, TK is damaged goods.

TK needed to spend all that money to scare off any Polish-American from Ckeektowaga from running next time. His consultant felt that TK would spend the $$$$ and beat Grant by 70 - 30, thus scaring anyone from thinking ethnic politics could get TK next time. Obviously that backfired. TK should fire his consultant, whoever that is. (Hint: Jack O'Donnell!!!!)

Higgins growing list of political duds includes Kennedy, Kevin Horrigan (finished last in an At-Large Council bid), Chris "11,000 Doors" Fahey, Bonnie "Garbage Tax" Lockwood, and Jeff Conrad.  Despite all of these orphans receiving Higgins' support, the party endorsement and substantial financial support, none of them could get votes on their own. It is very clear. People in the neighborhood do not want to support Brian Higgins Yes-Men.

Finally, Buffalo News columnist Bob McCarthy summed up Kennedy's impotent showing in his weekly column...

Late last week, elections officials were still counting votes in the super-close Democratic primary contest for State Senate between incumbent Tim Kennedy and challenger Betty Jean Grant. In the spending category, however, the margin is much wider - Kennedy almost $400,000; Grant around $20,000.
In most political calculations, spending 400 grand translates into a big win. Not this one.

While Higgins' duds falter. One man continues to thrive. The friendly neighborhood Blogger. Business is good and the readership is up. 10,000 visitors last month. Citizens are coming here to get the real unfiltered story. The one they're not going to get from Keith Radford or Maryalice Demler. 

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