Monday, September 10, 2012

Kennedy needs to go


South Buffalo voters have a great opportunity Thursday to send a message to the status quo. Don't be fooled by the expensive commercials or the slick fliers. Tim Kennedy will never do the right thing. He's the guy at work who takes credit for your work and kisses up to the boss in order to get a promotion.

When Mickey Kearns ran for Mayor in 2009, Tim Kennedy was all over South Buffalo campaigning for Byron Brown. When Carl Paladino challenged Andrew Cuomo, little Timmy was right behind Cuomo, with a toothless grin on his face, betraying his neighbor once again. When he thought it would benefit him, Kennedy jumped ship on the County Legislature and joined the Republican voting block. Chris Collins waved a carrot in his face and Timmy jumped at it like it was a foot long hot dog at Ted's.

A union delegation took a bus to Albany to speak to Kennedy about an important vote. But Timmy hadn't been told yet (yes, do you think he's smart enough to make his own choices? Look at him) how to vote. So Timmy and his staff fled the office and had his intern face the union members. Kennedy could have been a man and told them the bad news to their faces, but he is not a man. And neither is any member of organized labor who votes for him on Thursday, if you ask me.

Look at who Kennedy is backing for Common Council, Abbott Rd. Councilman Chris Scanlon, a college dropout with a DWI conviction who lied on his resume (claims to be enrolled in UB's Business Program when in fact he doesn't even know how to get to UB. ) Burke, Verel, and Lafferty supporters: If you vote for Kennedy, you're voting for the same status quo crowd who will be backing Scanlon (the Circle Lady, Ray McGurn, Pinnochio Petrucci, etc.) These people don't care about you or the neighborhood. They only care about themselves. I hope my independent neighbors are smart enough to show up on Thursday and vote for the only true Democrat in the race, Betty Jean Grant. Kennedy clearly needs to go. Please encourage your friends and family to get rid of this weasel.

His family is extremely nice. I like them and have nothing but good things to say about them, but Tim clearly took a different path in life. He needs to be taught a South Buffalo lesson on Thursday, about what happens when you put yourself ahead of the neighborhood. Gong! 

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