Monday, September 24, 2012

More studies

I agree with Brian Higgins that the Skyway needs to come down. What I found funny about this story on channel 2 was that two years ago, Mickey "King of all Studies" Kearns called for, you guessed it, a STUDY by the DOT. Can't this guy (Kearns)make a decision without making someone else culpable?

Shocking. This monstrosity needs to come down. It costs money every time they close it due to poor weather. Also, tearing down the Skyway would help open up the waterfront even more. Why put tons of money into repairing something most people agrees time has passed?


  1. First..thank you for taking your time with :my question about the Sheriff's Dept. Car. Second... you have lots of followers on your blog because you know the political atmoshere of this area that won't be heard on 2-4or 7 .I have heard it called required reading fir the day. With that said and I wasnt paid or bribed to say that... Rock on!! As for the Skyway....if recall it was said to be a ridiculous project on an area that had Lake effect storms ( ie closings for weather) and it was Japanese steel that was inferior ( thus the constant repairs) and never enhanced the city on any level. why could it possibly take soooo long to realize this needs to come down?? I could be wrong on some piints about this but the upkeep alone is detrimental all around

  2. Thank you very much. Your words mean a lot to me. I can tell you're an independent thinker, so I appreciate your words. Regarding the Skyway, my father used to say the mafia received a huge payday to have it built. I agree with you. It really should come down. I avoid taking it as much as possible. I've never been comfortable with the entrenches from downtown. On this one, I agree with Higgins.