Sunday, July 1, 2012

Local officials react to Obamacare


South Buffalo's elected officials react to the Supreme Court's decision to approve President Obama's health care plan...

Congressman Brian Higgins- "The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare means that all Americans will have access to quality, affordable healthcare."

State Senator Tim Kennedy- "Obamacare? Is that a new sub at Artones? I love the Democratic Party! I love dressing up like Hillary Clinton, and massaging Brian Higgins' Eisenhower!  

State Assemblyman Mickey Kearns- "I can't say anything good about Obamacare because Carl Paladino opposes it, and I'm bought and paid for by him. However, I'm going to propose we do another study on it before we go through with it."

Councilman Chris Scanlon- " Obamacare? What's that? Ugh, ugh... I have to call my father. I'll call you right back."


  1. How could you be so accurate...??? Wow. Howard Cosell would be proud of you.."...I call like I see it" AMEN BROTHER!!!

  2. im embarresed that kennedy is from s bflo,,i often wonder if he gets giddy whene he has a origanal thought ,keep downing them woppers with cheese you fat ass,higgs wont be able to get his hand up your ass to make you speak

  3. tim kennedy i s thea worst politician w.n y has ever produced, ive never seen a man so comfortable bieng a puppet . to get as far as he has with doing so little,except what hes told to by his friend ,is the gift that keeps on givin,ive seen him caught off gaurd with simple questions, its embarrising I dont blame him and his friends cause we keep putting our future in there hands when we could change it

    1. I have to agree with your description. So well put. He is clearly content with being a puppet. It's depressing that there are that many stupid people in the neighborhood who cannot see this. I can see insiders supporting him. They benefit from his blind loyalty. But the everyday, non-political person. How they could be that dumb is beyond me.

  4. it easy being a puppet when your salary is 70k. he didnt get their because of a lottery, he was elected. he's an idiot but the majority of wny are bigger idiots.

  5. i think, solely based on size, you'd get mucked up.