Thursday, July 26, 2012

You paid for it

State Senator Dim Kennedy said he was running for NY State Senate to "change Albany", but all we've gotten from him is the usual theft and corruption which we've come to expect from the "Ed Mahoney" democrats.

Kennedy's latest mailing (he calls it a survey) is in fact a glorified campaign flier. He spent $18,000.00 in taxpayer money to send this garbage out. This would be a total waste of our hard earned money in good times. It's hard to believe Kennedy wouldn't think residents would be bothered by something like this.  It makes one think Dim needs to spend some time in the private sector and realize how hard his neighbors work every day.

In this story, Channel 2's Scott Brown confronts him about this complete waste of our hard earned tax dollars. Kennedy brings absolutely nothing to the table. He's a Brian Higgins ass kisser with an IQ of about 47. I will be voting for Betty Jean Grant in September. Kennedy has never worked in the private sector. He started sucking up to Higgins straight out of high school.  He will do whatever he can in the short term to benefit himself. He should be making $7/hr at Burger King, but instead is actually representing our area in Albany. Total joke. Fortunately,  the word is spreading around WNY regarding his sheer incompetence. The media is starting to realize how ridiculous he really is. Add corruption to the mix, and it won't be long before Dim's looking for private sector employment.

Voters should call on Dim to reimburse the state for the cost of this flier. We are not dumb and have had enough of nonsense like this. Return the money.
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  1. Kennedy is Einstein compared to Betty Jean. She is tied in with Byron Brown and Grass Roots. I do think it is funny that Kennedy supported Byron over Kerns for mayor and now Byron is running Grant against him.

  2. Dim ? Good lord man. You must have iron gates over your windows.