Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Casey at the mike...


Some big words from political lowlife Steve Casey during his monthly grandstanding, err I mean Citi-Stat session. Casey knows the news cameras are there, so he likes to put on an elaborate show and act tough. Fortunately, most of the city knows he's a wuss...

When Casey asked Whitfield if he would go to the homes of firefighters who are out sick to ensure their leave is warranted, Whitfield said that wasn’t part of the commissioner’s job duties and that an investigator does that.

Casey then volunteered for the job and said, “I’m not afraid of these guys.”

If Casey were serious about catching the malingerers, he would do it instead of just make idle threats. They should just give residents Tops coupons to snitch on and videotape their neighbors.(haha) I'm sure that phone line would be busy 24/7.

City Hall at odds with fire commissioner over overtime costs

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  1. Casey would have to borrow Lord Byrons bow tie bouncers to show up at these firefighters homes. Nobody would take the little guy seriously if he showed up. Probably think the Girl Scouts were selling cookies.