Monday, July 9, 2012

Striking cheese workers

257 Cheeseheads went on strike today over at Sorrento Cheese on South Park Avenue. We're behind them, as well as the striking nurses over at "No Mercy" Hospital. Screw the man! The suits appear to be using the threat of relocation to screw with their health insurance benefits...

"The company announced that it will continue production at its Buffalo Plant, supplemented by production at the company's largest facility in Nampa, Idaho. 

"The company remains hopeful that the parties can reach agreement and remains committed to its long standing tradition of cheese making in the Buffalo community." 

That's not a statement. That's a threat. Be our slaves or we'll move. 

Leave, you greedy corporate bastards. They're already bleeding these workers dry with low salaries and slowly taking away their health benefits. For putting up with that unmistakable cheese smell for eight hours at a time, these people deserve the best health care available.

I'm thinking of becoming a scab...

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