Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Verel leads the pack in collecting signatures

Of the four candidates vying for Mickey "King of all studies" Council seat, A.J. Verel collected the most signatures (an astounding 1,330). Status quo candidate Chris Scanlon, with the help of most the local committeemen, could not gather as many. Heck, Scanlon's brothers and sister should have been able to collect more signatures than Verel. But why work when everything is handed to you on a silver platter your whole life?

Of course, the Buffalo News did a "thorough" article on this topic. They acknowledged two of the four candidates, leaving out Verel and Kevin Lafferty. Why would they consider it pertinent to mention the guy who collected the most signatures? Casual observers might write it off as sheer incompetence over at the News. However, Verel supporters consider it a deliberate snub. They point out that the News could be facing libel charges over the hatchet job they did on Verel in early May. Scanlon has already earned the first kiss of death, an endorsement from the local political hacks. Look for the corrupt Buffalo News to write some BS article describing him as an up and coming leader. The people I talk to out in the community know better. They know the News is bought and paid for by the local machine. They know Scanlon was appointed to the post because of his father's willingness to sell out to as well as pay off the mayor. They also know he is a shill for Mayor Byron Brown, whose interests have never included South Buffalo's.

Verel supporters have this message they'd like to pass on to the status quo members of South Buffalo and the Buffalo News...

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