Friday, July 27, 2012

Quinnipiac Poll: 80% oppose raises for state lawmakers

Young people and businesses are leaving New York in droves. Taxes and unemployment are at all time highs. New York's government is widely considered to be one of the least effective in the country. These facts are not deterring the state's ineffective lawmakers from voting themselves a raise. Of course, these cowards are waiting until right after the November elections to commit this crime- and that's literally what it is.

These criminals make (I can't say earn) a base salary of $79,000/yr for their PART TIME jobs. They also steal more from us through their committee roles.

A poll released yesterday in the following story found that 86% of New Yorkers oppose these raises. South Buffalo's Mickey Kearns and Dim Kennedy, two self-proclaimed reformers, have been strangely silent on this issue. Please help spread the word about what they(and I include Kearns and Dim) are trying to pull. If you see these two out in public patting themselves on the back somewhere, please remind them that their neighbors are staunchly against these raises. We are all waiting for Kearns to call one of the local news stations and speak out against the proposed raise. That is the type of stuff he did when he was running. Oh, wait. He's not running anymore. Sad...

Poll: Voters Give Thumbs Down To Pay Raise For Lawmakers |

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