Saturday, July 7, 2012

Carl's latest lawsuit

Local developer Carl Paladino is suing the Buffalo school Board and what he calls their transparent hiring process. He wants to know why Lou Petrucci and the other board members have agreed to pay the new superintendent $800/day before her contract even starts.

"The board is incompetent," Paladino said. "You have a bunch of people sitting there not knowing a thing about what they should be doing. They are cheating this community out of a decent education system by doing the same things they've done in the past. They keep hiring incompetents; they keep hiring someone from someplace else.

Our reporters are convinced Paladino is referring specifically to Petrucci with the next comment.

"Someone from someplace else is then beholden to the godfathers or, in this case, the godmothers who brought them here."


Paladino is simply hoping to make these bad actors/actresses testify as to what they've been doing behind closed doors. You can tell by their defensive response and body language that the board members do not want their actions scrutinized by the public. Would you, if you were up to no good?

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