Saturday, July 7, 2012

East side painters

I'm glad these volunteers are helping out senior citizens with the free paint jobs. I just question whether the able bodied recipients of their generosity will appreciate their efforts...

More than 300 youth and adult volunteers this week got to sleep on the floor of Bennett High School and, without charging a fee, wield power tools and paintbrushes to spruce up 60 houses on Buffalo's East Side.

And the privilege only cost each $450 or more.

I'm sure the volunteers are well intentioned. However, I'd like to see their efforts go towards the working poor. There is a class of people we've created that have come to expect free handouts. Everyone has a story involving a ward of the state shocked and outraged when they are told they have to purchase something or work towards a specific goal. They want it now, and it better be free! And trust me, this type of attitude has been passed on to the kids.

I believe members of the working poor would appreciate this group's efforts. Maybe they are targeting the working poor/elderly, but I'm not too optimistic. In any event, I give them credit for coming up to Buffalo from other states to do great work. I just question whether it is appreciated or taken for granted as another government gift. The gift that keeps on giving.
 Fresh paint for East Side

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