Monday, July 2, 2012

No smoking

Erie County has banned smoking cigarettes in County parks. However, officials were quick to point out that marijuana, crack, and eight balls of cocaine are still perfectly o.k., and they urge all local residents to take as many illegal drugs as possible...


  1. I guess they didn't ban wood fires and charcoal grills- both ignited with yummy hydrocarbon accelerants.HEY KIDS,THAT SMOKE IS O.K.!!Useless feel-good legislation by useless political hacks. "See, I'm doing good things for you. Vote for me.Say,what other crap can we throw at these voting zombies? Tomorrow's episode: Diesel Exhaust!

  2. That 19 year old must have proud parents to see him defend one of the most insane topics. I'm sure they would be glad to see him promote such a toxic and health debilitating habit. What a smart boy they have.!!!Maybe he takes his walk in the park because he can't smoke in the house.I'm just saying.....