Monday, July 9, 2012

Letter to the editor-Buffalo's Waterfront


Tireless letter writer Marty Farrell is at it again. In his latest contribution, South Buffalo's most prolific Parrotthead praises recent improvements at the waterfront, even calling for dunk tanks and an appearance by Jimmy Buffett, who incidentally, Farrell has seen in person over 70 times...

Buffalo's Waterfront is finally blossoming

I continue to be amazed and thrilled with the progress made with the Buffalo waterfront. Daily sporting activities, major concerts and top-notch restaurants have made the Erie Canal Harbor the place to be this summer. To make this area even better I’d like to suggest a community swimming pool, a dunking tank for politicians that stall progress and a concert by the king of summer, Jimmy Buffett. Thanks to Buffalo Place, our much-maligned city is finally turning the corner and  its future can only get brighter.

Marty Farrell
West Seneca

"Yes I am a pirate. 200 years too late..."

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