Thursday, July 5, 2012

Debbie does grant money

When the city of Buffalo hires employees handling grant money, they should just ask them up front how much they plan on stealing. That way, they could just budget around it. This woman was making $88,000/yr (probably $73,000 more than she was worth)...

As assistant superintendent of federal and state programs, Debbie Buckley oversaw about $100 million in grant funds flowing to the Buffalo Public Schools each year.

While the district has not released a copy of the report about Buckley, City Hall sources said the findings against her involve lease payments the district made that allegedly benefited Buckley.

Talk about scary. $100 million dollars in grants and the Buffalo schools look like Afghanistan. If $100 million dollars can't solve the schools' problems, it might be time to consider a radical change in philosophy over there.

Months after initial suspicions, School Board votes to fire Buckley

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