Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Government reliance

Like helpless orphans, South Buffalo continues to lead the region in government reliance. NAACP leader Frank Messiah described why in yesterday's Buffalo News...

"South Buffalo has a long legacy of involvement in city government," Mesiah added. "I would imagine [Brown] gets a lot of support from South Buffalo. You take care of the people who affect you."

Not true. Half the people hired, stem from family members' donations from West Seneca, Hamburg, and Orchard Park. Brown was widely defeated in South Buffalo, despite support from career hacks such as Jim Comerford (E. Aurora), Paul Sullivan, John Scanlon, and other self-preservers.  Everyone knows the South Buffalo families getting jobs with the city have made the "South Buffalo phone call", where they forfeit their integrity and prostitute themselves to the likes of Brown. Then, they travel to Stankey's and talk about how they don't like black people. Yet, they turn around and say, "Byron's been good to the (insert hack family here.") To those who score well on the tests, I give credit. However, some are calling their representatives, begging for jobs on the way home from the test. You know, if they weren't out doing shots at 3AM the night before the test, maybe they would have done better.

Perhaps the saddest part of this whole article is how poor the private sector industry has become in these parts...

The South Buffalo pipeline continues. As was true in 2005, the community with the most people on the city payroll in 2011 was South Buffalo. More than 18 percent of those on the 2011 payroll hired between 2006 and 2011 - representing almost 21 percent of city payroll spending - come from the South Buffalo ZIP code of 14220.

People on the North side are above working for the city. People on the East and West sides are too busy shooting each other to study for these tests. It would be nice to see more doctors, or lawyers, or bloggers come out of South Buffalo. I'm not expecting it any time soon. 

Minorities, women have made gains under Brown regime


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