Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two justice systems?

Thought this was interesting. From yesterday's New York Post: A 20 year old woman was sentenced to 3 to 9 years for a hit and run accident, in which a pedestrian (a doctor) was killed. The young woman was high on prescription pills at the time...

“Kayla Gerdes’s actions before, during, and after the crash prove that she cared more about her pills than the innocent woman she had just struck and killed,” Rice said in a statement. “This was a senseless tragedy that further underscores the perils of prescription drug abuse.”

The doctor’s son, Chauncey Twine, 33, blasted the light sentence outside the courtroom despite Gerdes emotional apology.

I'm no lawyer, but this tragedy seems like the complete inverse of what happened here a few weeks ago in the Corosanti case. In the WNY case, a drunken doctor ran over a young woman. I believe Alexandra Rice was 19. I'm sure there are differences, but the similarities in the two cases seem to outnumber them.  In New York City, a doctor was run over by a drugged out young woman, while in WNY, a young women was struck by an inebriated doctor. 

Family members in the New York case are outraged at the light sentence (3 to 9 years behind bars). In the WNY case, the doctor got away with only a misdemeanor, which shows there are two justice systems in this country.
Gal gets 3 to 9 years for hit-run that killed LI doctor

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