Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pay raises for dysfunctional state lawmakers?

You want to see what a total moron looks like? Watch this WGRZ clip on Assemblyman Dan Burling from Corfu and try not to be outraged. This idiot is retiring from the New York State Legislature and is championing pay raises of up to $100,000/yr for his former colleagues. And these are part time jobs we are talking about.

He says we need to increase their pay to attract better candidates in the future. They are being sneaky about this. The rats in Albany are waiting until after the November elections to vote themselves this raise. Please help spread the word and fight this. These scumbags need to be stopped. Listen to the standing ovation this imbecile gets when he mentions it on the floor of the Assembly. We can stop this and we will stop this...

  Here is WGRZ's Maryalice Demler's take on this attempted theft. This is the most dysfunctional state government in the entire country and these greedy idiots want more of our money. Most couldn't command $30,000/yr in the private sector. You're a fool if you allow them to do this. I'm demanding Dim Kennedy and Mickey "King of all Studies" Kearns speak out against this. And if they do support this with a yes vote, it will be the end of their stay in Albany. Unbelievable...

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