Thursday, August 2, 2012

Council update

The race for The South district seat on the Buffalo Common Council is beginning to take shape. No shorter than four candidates have survived petition challenges and will likely be on the ballot in September.

Outgoing Councilman Mickey Kearn's support of Chris Scanlon is a slap in the face to anyone who spoke of his independence. Indeed, if Jimmy Griffin were still alive, Mickey would never have made this endorsement. Mickey has also yet to speak out about the secret raises NY state lawmakers are planning on giving themselves. So much for his self proclaimed title of maverick. The last time I checked, the definition of a maverick was not someone who sat idely and went along with the status quo.

AJ Verel, Paddy Burke, and Kevin Lafferty will be challenging Byron Brown's handpicked yes-man, Christopher Scanlon. In this humorous YouTube video, Burke reminds voters that Scanlon has done nothing to warrant his recent appointment...

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