Sunday, August 21, 2011

Letter to the editor- War on teachers

This letter from today's Buffalo News illustrates the lack of respect and appreciation some people have nowadays for the teaching profession...

Have teachers tutor students over the summer

As I read about the abysmal decrease in test scores and the ever increasing teacher tax (school taxes), I can’t help but ask if there isn’t something we can find for the teachers to do in the summer time instead of walk around in flip flops and put on sun screen. Their salaries are very good, even compared to those who work 12 months a year, so can’t we have them tutor or teach the failing students in the summer? The teachers get tanned while the students get bland.

Robert Bijak

Clarence Center

Come on, Robert. This is the type of attitude some students bring into the classroom because of parents like you. I'm not a teacher, however, they deserve every day off they get. Compare their salaries to other jobs that require a masters degree. People need to stop being jealous of other professions and fight for their own workers' rights.

I remember hearing that garbage-men worked only four hours a day and were paid for eight. Naturally, I took a job as a seasonal garbageman. I never worked a four hour day once. My day was usually between 5.5 and 6.5 hours with no breaks. Back then, every lifter had a bad back from lifting heavy cans (and refrigerators, couches, washers, etc.) each day for hours on end. We had a man killed on a truck and several other serious accidents, in only the six months I worked there. I was in good shape back then, and I couldn't have done that type of lifting for eight hours, five days a week. It's the same with teachers. Robert, if you think they have it so well, go back to school, accumulate $50,000 in student loans, and become a teacher. People like Robert think it is the teachers' job to be surrogate parents. Here's an idea: use the summer months to read to your own children.

Have teachers tutor students over summer


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  1. Mr. Bijak is a bitter, out of touch, old buffoon who is jealous of his own profession and younger colleagues who knows more than he does. He belittles his own profession (medical) but he continues to work in the profession. As a healthcare professinal and former teacher, he is nothing more than a grumpy old man.