Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wienckowski's family searches for justice

This case is very disturbing. The Buffalo detectives claim Amanda Wienckowski died from an accidental drug overdose. The family understandably disagrees. They say they have statements from several people around the victim that night that the detectives aren't interested in hearing from.(???):

Cohen, the family and former Buffalo cold case Detective Dennis Delano have long contended Wienckowski was murdered and dumped where she was found. They said they have statements from a dozen individuals who can shed light on her death, including the names of three individuals who were with her when she was last seen alive Dec. 7, 2008.
Among them, they said, is a man with a history of strangling women during sex. They say police have not expressed interest in that information. Police say the investigation remains open.

Even if she did die from a drug overdose, who threw her naked body in a garbage tote? How is that not corpse abuse? Obviously, this individual has something to hide ( murder perhaps). Did the detectives really think the family was going to accept this ridiculous finding? Who's in charge over there at police headquarters that lets this shoddy investigative work take place? Do you think this case would have been handled differently had it been one of their daughters killed? Their findings clearly don't add up and someone needs to be arrested and taken off of the streets.

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