Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dr. Arsenic has his day in court

Remember this guy? Anthony Pignataro was the West Seneca quack who tried to kill his wife with arsenic. I read once that he got his medical license from the Phillipines, Guam, or Puerto Rico. I can't remember which it was. Pignataro is famous for inventing a hair transplant procedure which he formerly offered to his customers:

New York, New York: A New York doctor has invented a hairpiece so easy to wear, it's a snap. The hairpiece snaps into tiny metal pegs that are surgically imbedded into the wearer's skull, said Dr. Anthony Pignataro, a cosmetic surgeon who designed and wears the hairpiece. So far, the doctor and two others wear the snap-on wig, but Pignataro said he believes 3,000 men will be wearing them in 1997. The metal nuts are imbedded into the skull 3 to 4 millimeters deep, and it takes about three months for the skin and bone to grow back before the hairpiece can be snapped on.

Check him out in his latest court appearance in the white shirt looking like Kojak. Apparently, he doesn't stand behind his product:

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