Sunday, May 16, 2010

UB raises tuition to pay for lobbyists

Tuition is rising at UB again. Can you blame them? They need more of your kids' money to pay for all the lobbyists they employ.

ALBANY — New York’s public colleges are spending nearly $1 million this year to retain well-connected lobbyists that push policies — including tuition hikes — and tap into whatever state money is available at the Capitol. And the University at Buffalo leads the pack, employing three different lobbying firms.
“I guess some schools have added a new degree: magna cum lobby,” said Blair Horner, a lobbyist with the New York Public Interest Research Group.

Lobbyists are the scourge of the earth. Tony Masiello, Jack Quinn, and Joel Giambra: all former or current lobbyists. Need I say more? They should all be rounded up and egged mercilessly.

UB leads in lobbyist spending : Northern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

It's time to put UB on double secret probation...

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