Sunday, May 2, 2010

Many unresolved questions surround Wienckowski case

A national expert hired by the family of Amanda Wienckowski has uncovered evidence that points to strangulation as the cause of her death, not a drug overdose. This case didn't pass the smell test from the very beginning. Wienckowski was the 20 year old Lewiston women found dead in a garbage tote with her hair cut off on the East side of Buffalo.

Dr. Sylvia Comparini, a west coast pathologist, has discovered pre mortem pressure marks around her neck consistent with strangulation. However, she cannot rule on a cause of death until the Erie County Medical Examiner turns over her hyoid bone, thyroid, and heart.

Also strange is the fact that the Erie County Medical autopsy was signed by four medical examiners. Normally, these reports are signed by one examiner. Comparini also notes that part of Wienckowski's tongue was bitten off before her death. With all the advances in technology, a competent forensic specialist should be able to trace the bite marks or DNA to one individual. I've seen it a million times on Forensic Files. I'm not accusing anybody of a coverup. Wienckowski's lifestyle obviously contributed to her untimely death. However, she did not walk into a garbage tote on her own after her death. Police need to find out who placed her there. This story will not be going away soon.

Her lawyer says one of the men who last saw Wienckowski has a history of strangling women. We are innocent until proven guilty in this country but not on this blog. To me, this guy's past makes him the prime suspect. Stories like this also make me long for a return to the days of the angry mob...


  1. This was a cover-up from the get-go. She was found with enough GHB to down a rhino in her. This case is far more than just gross dereliction of duty on the part of Public officials. Somebody is clearly trying to hide something here or else they wouldn't have slandered Amanda the way they did. She was the victim of a horrible crime.

  2. I did read the part about the GHB in the article. I, too, believe she was the victim of a horrible crime. I just don't see what detectives would have to gain by covering up the murder. Does the family's attorney know who was responsible for the murder? I'm so glad the mom is fighting for answers. After the incompetence displayed years earlier by Frank Clark in the Coppozzi case, nothing surprises me anymore.