Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parents to Bflo school officials: you have no right to discipline my child

It's not too often you'll see me defending the Buffalo Public Schools but I will in this case. 2,823 students were suspended during the month of March for poor behavior at school. 30% of the students at Riverside were suspended during March as well. I say good for principal Mike Magovero for trying to regain control of his building. Magovero was a great assistant principal at South Park High School during the 1990s. He was in tune with what's going on in the school and I'll bet these suspensions were warranted.

Watch this channel 4 story where parents(mostly grandparents)show up to a meeting to complain that the schools had the nerve to discipline their kids. I got a better idea. How about thanking them for doing your job for you? Some of the kids were suspended for talking during fire drills. I'm sure they continued talking after repeated efforts for them to comply failed. Now , the parents want to present them as the victims of some sort of "injustice."

I would like to see the Buffalo administration stop enabling these students and start setting higher standards for behavior. This won't happen until the parents support the schools' efforts to control the classrooms. If you want to see why the schools are failing miserably, watch the parents in this clip. Everyone is to blame for their kid's poor behavior (teachers, principals, custodians). Everyone except their kids. Keep up the good work Riverside. Hopefully, others will get their heads out of the sand and follow your lead:

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