Monday, May 31, 2010

Paladino tells it like it is: Will people listen?

I was there yesterday as a large crowd gathered to welcome Carl Paladino back from his boat tour of the state. Paladino did not disappoint his supporters. I've taken a few clips from his speech. In this one, he talks about how the left leaning Cuomo is now using the press to come off like a right leaning Tea Party type. The Cuomo name is synamonous with big government and higher taxes. But now, as Andrew sees the public tide turning on such matters, all of a sudden he is speaking like a born again conservative. That right there, should tell you this guy is no leader. He's an actor on a stage who was born and bred into politics and corruption. This governor's race is his audition for President. He's clearly a wolf in sheep's clothing.

In this next clip, Paladino describes how the entitled Cuomo doesn't stand for anything. He also reminds his supporters about how Mario Cuomo helped make New York state a destination for people seeking public handouts, and how this has led to the near elimination of the working class and an exodus of jobs in New York:

Supporters cheer Paladino following canal trek : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

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