Monday, May 17, 2010

Coming to America

A new report says the Buffalo Schools are doing a horrible job at teaching all the foreign students who move here (because things are so great in their countries). From the report:

Buffalo public schools provide inconsistent, inadequate and inequitable services to students who speak English as their second language, according to a scathing report recently released to the administration and Board of Education.

The city's rapidly growing student population of recent immigrants and refugees — now numbering more than 3,000 — has historically been "largely invisible" in Buffalo schools, the report contends.

"In short, the instructional program for many of these new Americans is poorly defined, inconsistently implemented, and lacking a clear strategy for developing English acquisition skills."

This is unacceptable and contrasts sharply with the Buffalo Public Schools' unblemished record of educating students born here. A spokesman for the Buffalo Public Schools reacted to the criticism by saying, "What's the problem? Most of the American kids we teach leave our school system unable to speak English, either."

Included in the following article is the 158 page report which proves someone out there has a tremendous amount of free time while the rest of us are actually busy working:
City fails on dual language in schools : Twitter - Buffalo News : The Buffalo News

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