Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Substance abuse audit- the money's under the sink

First of all, the city can't even provide basic services. Why are we even in the business of running drug clinics? Can you imagine how much cash is being stolen in various city departments based on this Buffalo News article:

In fact, two thefts occurred, including a December 2008 heist when someone found $834 stuffed in envelopes beneath the kitchen sink. A police report found no evidence of a break-in.
Six months later, $585 was reported stolen from the clinic's front desk. A police report said a complainant suspected the theft was committed by an "in-house worker."
City officials said no arrests or disciplinary action has been taken against any employee. No perpetrator has been caught.

Can you believe this? We know one of our workers is stealing the public's cash. Not only will we not arrest them. We'll let them continue working there handling the cash!

Did anyone even know there was a Division of Substance Abuse Services? My prediction is that one of the staff will get caught stealing money and then say it was to support their drug habit.Get rid of this department and lower my damn water bill. Not that I don't trust Byron Brown's friends stuffing money under kitchen sinks in envelopes.

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