Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walmart on Seneca St.

I have to admit, I've never been a big fan of WalMart. Groups opposed to them have documented all the effects they've had on certain communities. The main thing I hate to see is small businesses driven out of business by the retail giant.

However, it seems to me like the proposed Walmart at the former Ames plaza on Seneca St. is a win-win situation for the neighborhood as well as WalMart. I don't see what businesses they would be driving out of town. There isn't much on that part of Seneca drive out and I think this investment could also help spur other businesses to pop up, nearby. It is on a bus route, so I think people from all over the city (who don't drive) might go there. Their money is just as green as anybody else's (unless they are using food stamps). West Seneca mayor Wally"Mart" Piotrowski and Assemblyman "Wall"Mark Schroeder should be commended for dealing directly with WalMart management to get the deal done. I could be wrong, but I feel this is a positive development for Seneca St. I would like to apply for the greeter position. However, from what I understand, some famous people are already being considered.

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  1. i think Walmart is giving over a billion dollars to the Food Bank this year so they can't be that bad.