Saturday, May 8, 2010

International update-Tanzania

People in certain parts of Africa kill albinos on a regular basis. They think that possessing their body parts will bring them wealth and prosperity. They should get together with the Iranian cleric that believes the recent earthquakes in Iran were brought about by scantily dressed women. If that's the case, expect tremors soon near Mr. A's Pub on Elk St. These Tanzanians and Iranians must have plenty to talk about at cocktail parties...

Activists: Mother, son albinos killed in Burundi
Associated Press

Attackers in Burundi chopped off the limbs of a 5-year-old albino boy and pulled out his mother's eye, killing them over the belief that their body parts would bring wealth and success, human rights activists said Friday.
Those deaths and other recent attacks in Tanzania are part of long pattern of violence against African albinos. At least 10,000 have been displaced or gone into hiding since attacks against them spiked in late 2007, the International Federation of the Red Cross says.
Since then, 57 albinos have been killed in Tanzania and 14 in Burundi, said Vicky Ntetema with the rights group Under The Same Sun.
The killings are fueled by superstitious beliefs that human albino body parts will bring others wealth and success, Ntetema said.

Out of the 57 reported cases of killings reported in Tanzania, only two people have been convicted.

Wow. That's a pretty impressive success rate. Former DA Frank Clark must have relatives working in the DA's office over in Tanzania.

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