Monday, May 3, 2010

Sheldon Silver- biggest crook in Albany

If you want to read a good column discussing how corrupt Sheldon Silver is, I suggest you read Douglas Turner's link underneath this post. Turner talks about how the state gets handed the responsibility of redistricting the Assembly, Senate and Congressional seats based on the census. He goes on to show how one guy (Silver) controls this whole process. Usually, Congressional incumbents start lining the pockets of Silver this time of year in exchange for him making their seats nearly unbeatable. All of this nonsense happens in a country that at one point aspired to be a Democracy. What it amounts to is the Congressman bribing Silver to get a favorable district. Don't feel sorry for the incumbents. They have partys in which individual citizens can become "bronze" donors or "gold" donors based on the amount they donate to them. These people donate out of the kindness of their hearts. Isn't that nice of them? Another clear example of bribery.

Why has Silver chosen to turn his back on the UB autonomy bill, which almost everyone agrees would create jobs? The students are for it.The problem is the union representing the faculty. They oppose it and Silver answers to them. Turner sums up this nonsense best when he says:

Silver couldn’t care less that these links thwart progress and worse, foster mediocrity. That’s why the Peoples Republic of New York, under the grip of unlimited public union power, is looking more like stagnant England before Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher threw off socialism’s yoke.

Schroeder has stood up to this evil man while guys like Sam Hoyt sit back and allow stuff like this to go on. One thing I think everyone can agree with (Democrats, Republicans, members of the Whig Party) is that Silver has overstayed his welcome and needs to go.

Douglas Turner: Silver’s dominance blocks UB progress : Douglas Turner : The Buffalo News

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