Friday, May 14, 2010

I hope I die before I get old

Old liberals never die. They just rule on more cases. Judge John Curtin, the man singly most responsible for the demise of Buffalo, is still trying cases at 88 years' young. The scourge of Pawnee Pkwy. ruled that the promotional exams offered by the Buffalo Fire Department are not racially biased. Too bad it took Curtin 30 years and lots of moving vans to figure out the flaws in his earlier reasoning. He ruined the neighborhood schools with his bleeding heart endorsement of busing years ago. While I happen to agree with his current Viagra induced decision, I think it's time someone pulled the Curtain on young Johnny Boy's law career...
A long federal court battle over allegations of racial discrimination surrounding two Buffalo Fire Department promotional exams may finally be near an end.
U. S. District Judge John T. Curtin this week issued orders dismissing legal challenges filed by the Men of Color Helping All Society, a group of African- American Buffalo firefighters.

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