Friday, May 7, 2010

What happens in Washington follows you to Buffalo

Come on CEO! Come on East Aurora Jim! My readers are demanding answers. 1000 Buffalonians a week read this website. Can you give us more information about the incident in Washington? Was he arrested? Was he charged with a felony? I know you called Congressman Higgins, but who did he call to make the whole thing go away? Did you have to pay the victim's family and how much of our hard earned tax dollars did you have to give them? Please call me at 602-9932 and give me the scoop.

Come on! When Marcus Whitfield, Ritchie Campbell, and Nigel Bostic all got in trouble with the law, it made the Buffalo papers and TV news. How come it didn't happen in your case? Better late than never!
I was All-Western NY, too. I came back from school and got thousands of city kids playing a suburban sport. I've never been arrested or spent a night in jail. But if I do, can I call you guys? You must know some important people! Is this going to affect him when you guys get him his entitled job at city hall? Let us know. Thousands of your neighbors are eagerly awaiting your response.
Don't worry about me. I'm a nobody. Can I cut your lawn this summer while you're out on your yachts? Please tell me what I can do to become as much of an intellectual as you guys. I'm standing here. You make the move. It's your move...


  1. Tell us more Mike. Names? I couldn't figure out your clues.

  2. Just look up P in the phone book for privileged. I kept hearing about this great athlete from Timon. He was a very good basketball player. However, I went to St.Joes field to check out a Timon-St. Joes football game that year. He got thrown around like a rag doll by some wild Samoan on St. Joes.

  3. Is this referring to an incident that happened a few years ago? In DC involving a cabbie and a Timon hero?

  4. i'm not aware of a cabbie being involved but that's probably a separate, just as serious, incident. from what i hear, this assault took place at a bar in DC.