Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letter to the editor- Police and Fire protests

This letter writer to the news doesn't think too highly of the planned protests by the Buffalo police and firemen at President Obama's upcoming visit. While I think furloughed state workers have much to complain about, I'm not sure the public understands what the police and the firemen are mad about. I know they haven't had a new contract in awhile but their present contract seems more than fair (when compared to most city residents).

Both police work and fire work are very difficult jobs and not for everybody. I disagree with the mayor's efforts to characterize either side as "malingerers". We all know, most do a great job. However, there are many people out there working at Russer Foods, Sorrento Cheese, or EMT's who struggle to pay their bills every day and get paid garbage. I think people support the work police and fire personel do. I just don't think there is a public outcry supporting their protests. The fact remains. We don't see many police or firemen leaving to find better jobs around here. How do we know this letter wasn't written by Sean Doctor???

Disgruntled firefighters, cops should find new job

Glory be. Isn’t it just great that our honorable public servants are going “to show the country how Buffalo treats its police and firefighters” by picketing President Obama’s visit to Buffalo? Just what Buffalo needs!
If I were that unhappy with my pay and felt so unappreciated as they must, I would just move on and find a job and an employer that did treat me right, and not embarrass the whole community.

Richard Kohl
Orchard Park


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