Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stachowski sighting in South Buffalo

I went to a breakfast today at St. Agatha's Hall to meet my local senator after 28 years of him not representing me. He was introduced by "Chito" Olivencia. This guy talks out of his ass more than I do. Chito's family came up from Puerto Rico 50 years ago and found something they liked: living off our tax dollars. When he was in power, Chito lived in a tax free house inside Ellicott Creek Park (I wonder if Eric "the tickler" Massa ever ran naked through his back yard?)

Chito tells the crowd we have the best Councilman and Senator. His "best" changes frequently, depending on who he's pushing and where the speech is taking place. Come on South of the border Scarface, stop trying to BS us. It's not working. Listen to his logic on why Bill Stachowski has lasted so long in Albany. Because he does a great job. Yeah right. Never mind that he controls all the special interest groups and does whatever he is told to do. Until people finally had enough of him, Stachowski has faced only token opposition for the last 28 years.

This is going to be a funny election. Stachowski is going to try and buy his way back to Albany. Kennedy is going to try and eat his way to Albany. I like Sean Cooney. He's young, but not a tool like these two. The senator doesn't like channel 2. Listen here as he blames them for recent stories on his "member items". These are the oversized checks of your money he gives out as if it's his money. He should be thankful channel 2 gave him a free pass for the last 28 years. It would be a shame if someone emailed this clip to channel 2. Scott and Mary Alice. Are you out there?

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