Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hardwick donates some of his salary. What about Kennedy?

Hardwick shares pay with groups

An Erie County legislator is donating part of his salary to community groups in his district.
Legislator Kevin R. Hardwick, R-City of Tonawanda, has given $500 to the Tonawanda American Little League and $650 to the Grand Island Senior Center to purchase a sign for the entrance on Whitehaven Road.
Hardwick said he’s making good on his campaign pledge to donate $7,500 of his annual $42,588 salary to community groups in the Tonawandas and Grand Island.

Hardwick is among the county legislators, mostly the Republicans, who say the salary of an Erie County legislator is too high. “They are considerably higher than what other counties, and even states, pay their representatives,” Hardwick said in a news release of legislative salaries. “But until I get the other leaders to realize a change must be made, I will give back a portion of residents’ money to them by helping deserving community organizations.”

Erie County legislators make $43,000/yr for a part time, no show job. Tim Kennedy, is going to tell you he is a reformist this summer, when he runs against felow status-quo member Bill Stachowski. I can assure you, he is not. Kevin Hardwick is setting a different standard of reform by giving some of his salary back. The only question is, will Tim Kennedy give back $7,000 of his overpaid salary to community groups, like other members of the legislature have? He is currently waiting by the phone to see if Brian Higgins and Steve Pigeon give him permission to do so.

*(Efforts were made to contact legislator Kennedy for this story, however, he was unavailable for comment. He was at the new KFC/Taco Bell drive thru ordering both chicken and tacos simultaneously.)
Hardwick shares pay with groups : Northern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

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  1. Chickens AND tacos. At the same time. God bless America.