Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letter to the editor- South Buffalo Charter School

South Buffalo Charter School Board Chairman James Neimeir responds to comments South Buffalo political yes man Lou Petrucci made about charter schools in the Buffalo News last week. Petrucci had erroneously stated that charter school teachers were not certified and did not have to report their books:

Charter school teachers follow same guidelines
As the board chairman of South Buffalo Charter School, I found the remarks made by Buffalo Board of Education member Lou Petrucci in an April 30 News article very troubling. Contrary to Petrucci’s mischaracterization, our teachers are certified and have to follow the same federal and state guidelines as those in public school districts.
Independent auditors audit our finances on an annual basis. Also, not only do charter schools have the exact same reporting regulations as public school districts, we must also provide quarterly financial reports to our chartering entity. Public districts have no such requirement. In my opinion, that shows charter schools not only have the same requirements as our district counterparts, but actually have an additional layer of oversight and transparency.
It is true that charter schools, while public, are different than public school districts. In fact, the original intent of creating public charter schools was to provide families a viable alternative to the traditional public school system. We are very proud of the fact that the families of nearly 700 children, most from the area of the city that Petrucci represents, have seen the difference charter schools are making in the lives of students.
James Neimeier

Lou Petrucci is bought and paid for by the teachers' union. Every year, he puts signs on his lawn for whomever he is told to. Where was Petrucci when Mickey Kearns asked to see the Buffalo Schools' list of administrative staff? Nowhere to be found.

When I inquired about the entitled, privileged Comerford and Hillery youths getting handed jobs because of their last names, Petrucci said "Comerford's father (Jim) didn't even know she was being interviewed." I laughed in his face.What a no good,two faced liar. Fortunately, most are on to his act. Comerford's father is best friends with the other residency violator, James Kane and surely knew she was about to be handed a do nothing $80,000/yr job. Lou Petrucci: stop making things up as you go along. Fawning over Ray McGurn is no way for a man to live his life. Stop lying. You always get caught.

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