Monday, May 17, 2010

There's a test today?

What does it matter that the Somali kids aren't learning any English? The administration doesn't even know when to give out the statewide tests. From Artvoice:

With all the focus on the tangled mess that was the Buffalo School Board elections last week, the district distinguished itself among others in New York by failing to schedule the correct test dates for the math exam given statewide to students in grades three through eight.

The massive gaffe, which appeared in both the printed and online versions of the school district calendar indicated that testing would take place on Monday, May 10 for third, fifth, and seventh graders; while fourth, sixth and eighth graders would take the test on Tuesday, May 11 and Wednesday, May 12.

New York State Department of Education officials claim that all school districts in the state were notified that the tests would be administered statewide May 5-7 at least as far back as January. Still, no changes were made in Buffalo until the evening of May 5, after the first round of tests were to have been given that day.

Parents received automated phone calls that Wednesday evening, informing them that Monday’s statewide math tests would instead be given tomorrow. “Make sure your children are well rested and eat a good breakfast. Thank you for your continued support,” the message advised.

Fact: For the amount of money taxpayers currently pay to educate Buffalo Public School students, we could send each one of them to Nichols. Now, we are paying the entitled daughter of Jim Comerford $80,000/yr to remind kids to rest and eat a good breakfast! WTF!!!!!!!!!

Buffalo's highest paid residency violator-James Kane

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