Monday, May 31, 2010

Letter to the editor-Ticketing cars at parks

While I don't think most law abiding citicens "rooted for Bucky Phillips, after he shot two police officers", I do agree that the state police ticketing taxpayers after they went to the closed parks is another example of arrogance on their part. Every one of these tickets should be thrown out and the person responsible for writing them should apologize to the motorists involved. Go out and look for criminals and stop harrassing taxpayers. It doesn't do much for your image.

Ticketing cars at parks offends the public more

The audacity and stupidity of New York State troopers ticketing cars parked in closed state parks blows my mind. The state supposedly can’t afford to pay a part-time park attendant $8 an hour. However, apparently it can afford to pay a trooper well over $50 an hour with benefits to rub salt in the wounds of taxpayers trying to utilize property that they, in theory, own.
Apparently, the state could save money by laying off troopers, considering they have time to harass law-abiding citizens versus fight real crime. Who would order this action? Law enforcement officers and officials who pondered why law-abiding citizens would root for Bucky Phillips, even after he shot two officers, need wonder no longer. They just answered their own question.
Bob Tortorici
Orchard Park

Ticketing cars at parks offends the public more : Everybody's Column : The Buffalo News

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