Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gallivan should not be given a job at taxpayers expense

Former Sherrif Patrick Gallivan is considering a run for Dale Volker's soon to be vacated US Senate seat. You might remember when Gallivan was in office. He did nothing, smiled for cameras, and wrote the most ridiculous articles I've ever seen in local newspapers. His articles would cover such important topics as safe trick or treating, not swimming right after eating, and the dangers of not wearing sunscreen. I was embarrassed to read such crap in print, as it was a blatant attempt to get his name in the paper without saying anything. Now, he is considering running but would have to vacate his spot on the parole board (which is due to expire soon). Look at how brazenly the Buffalo News talks about efforts to find a no show job for him while he's campaigning:
Other sources say that Gallivan would have to resign his $101,600 job with the Parole Board and that efforts are under way to find an interim position to support him during the upcoming campaign.

People are out of work, struggling to make ends meet, and Paterson is talking about furloughs. Yet, we can afford to find a position for this entitled bureaucrat! Sorry, dwarf. If you want to run for office and need a paycheck, go apply at Wegmans. Western New Yorkers (both Democrats and Republicans) should oppose any job specifically created for this lousy actor. I don't use this word often but his articles were the gayest things I've ever seen a man write.

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  1. I agree that Gallivan should not be given a job at taxpayer expense, but he was a most professional and effective Sheriff Erie County. New York State could use a man of his caliber. I hope he runs.