Thursday, July 12, 2012

Superintendent looking to buy a house

Pamela Brown will be named the new superintendent in Buffalo. Carl Paladino's lawsuit was thrown out yesterday. She is now in the process of finding a home in the city...

A North Carolina resident, she has been staying in Buffalo for several days and plans to begin house-hunting here soon.
"I just want to say that I am so pleased to be one of the newest members of the Buffalo community," Brown said. "I have been so heartily welcomed by many, many in the City of Buffalo. I am so excited about being here and being a member of this community."

I'd like to see Brown be different than her predecessors and move into South Buffalo. Forget the Elmwood Village or Nottingham Terrace. Those people can be uppity. In any event, our sources tell us she already has this spacious three bedroom flat in her sights...
Brown gets 3-year pact after judge rejects suit

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  1. I wonder if the acting superintendent with 21 years experience behind her was anything but a white woman would the appointment been taken in stride? ?? I'm just sayin'.......