Wednesday, February 9, 2011

School 61

Another day, another protest for the Buffalo Public School administration. Dr. Williams: If you want to save money, we suggest you start with your top heavy administration. Get rid of most. Force the rest to move back into Buffalo and accept pay cuts. People are starting to take great notice of our schools. We see a lot of people walking around city hall wearing expensive suits, but very few Seniors walking across the stage in June. Get to work...



  1. suits walking around city hall, wned building, buffum st. school, and in all the failing schools watching the teachers struggle, instead of rolling up their sleeves and jumping in and helping a kid who just immigrated here learn to read (this comment was what was told to me from a teacher at Riverside)

  2. so true. i love how all these experts in the suits have all the answers for our "failing" teachers yet none of them would even lower themselves to having a conversation with a student. from what i've seen in the schools as a sub in Bflo, the teachers do a really good job under very difficult circumstances.