Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's Spanish for scammer?

I could have told you Robert Quintana was little more than a fink in the early 90's. He made a couple of speeches for the United Way about how hard his life was and the liberals over at the News ate it up. I believe they gave him one of their Citizenship Awards (perhaps Donny Esmonde had one of his patented mancrushes on Roberto.)

Then, Quintana took the ultimate do-nothing job: he became a D.A.R.E. officer. People that knew him at the time told me they couldn't believe he was giving kids speeches on doing the right thing. I didn't know Quintana, but I trusted these people. He's always been a taker and a guy willing to cheat to get ahead...

Quintana's case illustrates how the cost of injured police and firefighters can dent any municipal budget. Over the years, Quintana collected $561,000 in salary and fringe benefits while he tried to recover from back and neck injuries he said were job-related. Meanwhile, his absence from the active-duty roster meant that other officers, sometimes earning overtime, had to cover his post in the South District.

Quintana in 2005 reported that he fell down a flight of stairs, 15 steps in all, when the layout of the building indicated just six stairs at the front of the house, Hochul said. X-rays and an MRI found no noticeable injuries, Hochul continued.

I hope they throw the book at this waste of humanity.  His phoniness has been well documented for a long time now. What a scammer!
Former Common Council member arrested in federal probe

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